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Closing on time, 100% of the time. Complete satisfaction for every one of our customers isn’t possible without competitive APRs and the right loan that fits your specific needs.

Check out our rates and APRs and then start the loan origination process right here, right now. You can call or text us in Wisconsin at (608) 284-0541 or in Colorado at (303) 532-7579. A loan officer will respond to your request within 20 minutes of the call no matter the day or time. Just say you are inquiring about a loan, we’ll do the rest!

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  Rate APR
15 Yr. Fixed 3.25% 3.332%
20 Yr. Fixed 3.75% 3.87%
30 Yr. Fixed 3.99% 3.921%

Rates current as of 01/18/18. Rates may vary by state. Please see Assumptions for more details.

Mortgage Rate Options:

Interest rates on a home loan can vary based on the duration of the loan, whether it is fixed or variable, financial market conditions and changes in the Federal Reserve’s rate policy, treasury bond yeilds and even the credit score of the customer.

We offer among the broadest loan packages in the industry and will tailor the right loan for your specific needs. Check out some of our most popular loans by clicking on the right.

Rates and APRs

The stated interest rate is the starting point for the long-term cost of the loan. The APR is the ending point. The APR contains all the costs associated with securing the loan. This is the measure to use when comparing alternatives.

The Thompson Kane Experience

Thompson Kane & Company understands mortgage lending is about serving our customers and helping their dreams come true. That is why we are completely dedicated to helping each find the neighborhood, and the home they dreamt about.

We strive for each one of our customers to be completely satisfied. That means providing the right loan, at a friendly APR, closing on time, 100% of the time with absolutely no hassles or hiccups. Plus, our people are friendly and experts in home lending, providing assistance just like a neighbor.

The Thompson Kane Difference

We believe our Mission, Vision and Values set us apart. We dedicate ourselves to our customers and partner with others who share our passion for serving our shared customer’s needs.


Through our exceptional service and effective use of tailored financial tools, we will help our customers achieve their dreams.


Thompson Kane & Company will become an industry leader in lending by providing every customer with an exceptional experience.


  • Treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • Act with absolute honesty and integrity in every action we take.
  • Only promise what we intend to deliver.
  • Deliver what we promise.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships. One-sided relationships do not endure.
  • Our imagination, determination and dedication are essential to growth.
  • Simplify and improve our processes continuously.

Thompson Kane Locations

We maintain full-service offices in Denver, Colorado and Madison, Wisconsin, with field-based Loan Origination Officers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As we enter our five year in the business, while Mr. Kane has been originating mortgages for eleven years, we continue our quest to grow our business and reach more customers.

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