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The Thompson Kane Promise is to provide the best mortgage lending service possible to every borrower.

Providing outstanding service makes Thompson Kane one of the best mortgage companies in a very crowded field. We’d love to show you why so many happy borrowers return to us for their next mortgage.

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Welcome to Thompson Kane & Company

Thompson Kane places excellent service as our top priority. We feel privileged to help you realize the dream of home ownership. But we don’t just aim for a good-enough mortgage loan solution–we partner with you to put together an optimal solution to your specific needs. We deliver more than a great interest rate and on-time closings every time. Our mortgage lenders support you through the entire borrowing process, explaining all your options in plain English and guiding you to your optimal loan package. When considering mortgage companies near you, hire a partner and advocate. Hire Thompson Kane & Company!

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Whether you’re just starting to think about a home purchase or are ready to buy or refinance with a mortgage lender now, it’s aways a good time to talk with our experts about your home ownership goals and how we can help you finance your dream.

Tell us your story by filling out this short questionnaire! We’ll answer any questions you have, help you formulate your best mortgage loan solution, or set you up with a quick pre-approval so you’re ready to make an offer. If you were already referred to one of our loan officers, START HERE.

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The Key to Homeownership: How to Finance Your Home Down Payment

Embarking on the journey to homeownership for most begins with the challenge of saving for a home down payment. Nevertheless, with strategic planning and disciplined financial habits, achieving that down payment milestone is entirely within reach. Here are key strategies to aid you in funding the down payment for your dream home.
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Understanding Recent Mortgage Rate Trends: What Every Homebuyer Should Know

For those looking to purchase a home, making sense of today’s mortgage rate trends and the forces that move them is key to smart financial planning. As the housing market shifts late in 2023 and into 2024, we’ll break down what’s impacting rates…
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